Monday, March 28, 2011

Do Your Kids Ever Embarrass You?

Recently, I ran into an old coworker while out to lunch with my family. As I was saying hi to her Addie asked her, "Do you have babies?" (meaning do you have kids?) To which the some what larger lady replied, "No, I'm just really fat!" Obviously she thought Addie was asking her if she was pregnant. I immediatley felt so emabarrassed! I just sat there mortified by Addie and by the lady's comment. Addie on the other hand, looked at her confused by the answer and said to her, "Well, do you have brothers and sisters?" I then felt the need to explain to the woman Addie's previous question but you could tell that she totally didn't believe me and she very quickly made her exit out of the restaurant. My husband and I sat there just staring at eachother for a while and then finally he says, "AWKWARD!" We both just started busting up because that was the most awkward experience of my life!! Kids are embarrassing but they sure do make life fun!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My baby is growing up! And too fast might I add. I swear that just yesterday day she was my little rollie pollie toddler and now she is a little girl! Yesterday was Addie's third birthday and oh my was this a long day coming in her eyes. We only talked about her birthday every single day for the past three months! To celebrate her birthday we had a little carnival birthday party (pictures to come later). Once again, I got one of my grand ideas and the party turned into a living breathing monster. Tom says that if I ever want to do anything like this again I can feel free to do it but to leave him out of it! No seriously, that is almost exactly what he said. But despite the fact that I ended up spending way more on the party than if I would have given Addie every toy she said she wanted for her birthday, it was a huge hit and everybody had fun!

So much has happened in the last little bit with my sweet Addie bug. To name a few, she started dance at Dance Illusion, and she goes to preschool once a week at a place called Miss Rosemary's. Addie loves both so much! She talks about her teachers all the time until she gets to see them again. It is so cute! So the whole preschool thing was a big debate because we didn't want to start her too early but we also wanted to start her now in case she could start elementary school a year earlier. Anyway, this preschool she goes to is more of a social experience and plus it is only one day a week so she won't get burnt out. She also gets to go with her cousin Libby that she loves, and it gives me and her a little break! So I would say we made the right choice.

Addie on the first day of preschool.
First day of dance!
I just want to take a moment to say that I love Addie so much! She has truly changed my life with her presence. She is so sweet, caring, tenderhearted, inquisitive, silly and smart! I just don't know what I would do with out her. She is such a good big sis and always wants Berlin with her. I can't believe three years has already gone by. It has been so fun so far to watch her grow up! Every stage in her life is a new adventure for us! She is my best buddy! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I DO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDIE BELLE!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 Months and a Blessing

We got to bless Berlin on June 13th, the same day she turned 2 months. It was such a fun and special day. I got the grand idea that I would make all the food for our family party by myself. Usually when I get an idea like this in my head, it ends up in disaster but this time everything worked out great! I spent all of saturday preparing yummy yummy Costa Vida style mexican food and rootbeer float cupcakes that would later be devoured by our loving family! On Sunday, we were blessed to have all of our family,including Tom's sister Melisa and her family come from Victor, Idaho to support us as we blessed Berlin. I was so excited that they came I was all teary even before Sacrament Meeting started. The only ones not there were my sister and her husband who live in Texas, but we sure missed them!Tom gave Berlin an amazing and beautiful blessing! I am so grateful for his worthiness to hold the Priesthood, that he could be inspired to bless her with such amazing things!

It's funny how worried I was about every detail about what Berlin was wearing, and that she look perfect for her blessing because then the blessing was over in a matter of minutes. And I am the only one that probably noticed or cared about her little bracelet or the fact that she was wearing ruffled tights instead of ruffled socks. But oh well, I am just an OCD mom and everything turned out perfect anyway.

Doesn't she look so gorgeous in her little dress!

She has the cutest chuby cheeked smile! This isn't even the biggest smile she'll give ya. She is such a happy mellow little baby. I just love having her around. And she has the cutest little laugh she does when she is super excited!

I took Berlin to the doctor yesterday for her 2 month visit. I was pleasantly surprised, I thought she would weigh upwards of 12 pounds because she has been getting chunky really fast but she weighed 10lb 13oz and is 22 in long. Not bad! Addie weighed 10lb and oz at Berlin's age so she's not that chubby. But I love that she has cute rolls and big cheekies to smooch on all day long! The poor thing had to get 3 shots so the whole time she was awake yesterday, she would just cry and cry. I felt so bad for her. She is just a treat to be around, and Addie still loves her just as much as ever! Poor little Addie Bug did have a rough go for a while, I think she thought I had replaced her, but she is doing lots better now. I try to spend some time with just her everyday and we do mommy daughter dates every week. And PS she is being potty trained! WOOHOO! I plan on doing a post on just Addie Bug because she has been growing up and learning lots of new things! Well that's all so stay tuned til next time folks!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Month

Just a few facts about my little Berlin. She still likes to sleep alot in the day and not very much at night. She also has the cutest double chin I've ever seen. She loves the bouncer but would much rather cuddle the day away. She puts up with her sister constantly bugging her and yelling her face. She is a very aware baby as well. I love her so much. It's fun but a little hard with two munchkins now, but mainly only from my lack of sleep. Here are some lovely pictures of Berlin from her one month photoshoot. She was not cooperating like we would have liked so we didn't get very many.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Weeks

I can't believe Berlin is already 2 weeks old! Boy how time flies! I was so nervous about taking her to her 2 week well baby visit today because I had to take her and Addie all by myself. But I did it! And Addie was a good girl the whole time! I was so happy that I got Addie an ice cream cone on the way home. I am always worried about how well and how long Berlin eats but I have nothing to worry about. Why? Because she gained 13 oz in 10 days! She went from 6lb 3 oz at her follow up visit to 7lb 0oz today! I think I might be feeding her pure fat! She is now 19 1/4 in long as well. I am just so in love with my little girls! Addie is still being a little momma to Berlin, and for the most part it is still cute but sometimes she tries to help too much.

You can kind of see her blonde highlights!

My photography skills are so not up to par. I can't wait til May when my sister comes from Texas to get some really good pictures of Berlin and Addie.

Monday, April 19, 2010


So I am almost a week late posting this but I feel like I have good reason to be a slacker right now. I would like to intoduce to you all Berlin Ann Davis. Born April 13, 2010 at 4:07 pm she weighed in at 6lb 6oz and 19 in long! And boy is she a cutie! We are all absolutely in love with her! Addie is already such a good big sister to her. I was so worried about how Addie would react but so far I have had nothing to worry about. The first thing she said when she saw her was "My baby!" and she nearly lept out of my mom's arms to try to get to her. So here are some photos of Berlin's entrance into this world.

This is right afte she was born. I know not the prettiest picture of either of us, but it was one of the most wonderful moments of my life.

Getting cleaned off.

She had a rough little bit at the first and needed oxygen, so this is when she finally was settled down.

You can't tell very well, but she has three blonde spots in her hair. It looks like she got her hair highlighted while in my belly.

Big sis is always so happy to hold her baby sister. She never wants anyone to hold her unless she gets to help.

All dressed and ready to go home. This is where our adventure begins. So far so good but I know everything won't always be perfect. I just know I love my two little girls with all my heart, and can't wait to watch them grow up together!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost To The End

I figured it was about time to give everybody an update on my pregnancy before it's too late. I have finally hit my last month! I am 36.3 weeks along now. Boy am I excited! It's funny, I went to the doctor today and he said he couldn't believe I was already this far along, he felt like I just got pregnant and I should have so much longer to go. The whole time I was thinking to myself what a long pregnancy this has been. Don't get me wrong I love being pregnant and I am so excited to bring another child into this world, but there is only so much room in this 4 foot 11 inch frame I have. Let's just say I have been a little squished as of late.

When I am pregnant I get hyperthyroidism which is totally weird because it goes away after I have the baby and my thyroid is totally normal otherwise. But because I get this only when I'm pregnant, I get monitored a lot more than somone else who just is normal during pregnancy. It sucks because I have to get my labs checked a lot to make sure my medicine is working but the fun part is, I get to see my baby a lot!

I feel like I have gotten to know my little munchkin a lot since I get to see her progress. She definitely is different from Addie! Addie was always showing off every time I got an ultrasound. She would happily show you she was a girl, suck her thumb, kick, and move a lot. Berlin on the other hand, is shy as shy can be. She always covers her little face and always has her little legs crossed. She only likes to move when nobody is around, so I get annoyed sometimes because she will kick me to death but as soon as Tom tries to feel her she stops!

This picture is one I got today at my ultrasound. It is by far one of the best of her face we have been able to see, even though she is still totally covering it with her hand. Little Stinker! Do you spy the extremely chubby cheek going on in this picture? I am a little worried she might be a really big girl! But I guess that just means I have fed her well in my tummy! ;)

I also had the pleasure of finding out that I am already dialated to a 2, and that my doctor is going to induce me! He said we will make a plan when I see him on the 12th of April, as long as I don't deliver before then. I really hope I don't deliver befor then anyway because he is going out of town and I don't want another doctor delivering me! Plus it doesn't help that Tom is having surgery this week and so he wouldn't be too much help in the delivery room. So everyone pray that Berlin stays fat and happy in my belly until April 12th. Then she can feel free to come!